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REVISED Top News #1: Obama’s Job Growth Plan Includes Benefits for Schools

September 20, 2011


In the New York Times, one of the most read articles this week was about Obama’s ongoing country wide tour that continues to reveal more about the $447 billion proposal of tax cuts and stimulus projects. In his Columbus, Ohio visit, he enthusiastically calls to his young audience in Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School on […]

The FOG Index: The Guide to Understanding How Unreadable Your Words Are

September 19, 2011


Writing is an interesting form of expression, communication, and acknowledgement. There are a about a zillion words in the English dictionary, yet we are succumbed to only understanding a third( if we are lucky).You can tell a story by expressing vivid details or you can simply state the facts to report on it. Whether on not it sounds […]

Top News #2: Barack Obama, Saving One Mailman at a Time

September 19, 2011


With all of the commotion regarding the unemployment issue in the United States, Barack Obama has one other issue- saving the US Postal Service from extinction. Nowadays, most people communicate through paperless forms like email, cell phone, and Facebook. With such vast options, the traditional stamp and envelope service may face losing workers at an […]

Got What It Takes To Be A Reporter?

September 14, 2011


In this test, I scored 21 points. According to my answers, “journalism is a good fit for you, mostly but it may require you to change your attitude or improve some skills.” What I love journalism is that I enjoy reading as well as writing regardless of what it is. What may not be such […]

Student Journalists’ News Attitude Survey

September 13, 2011


 I think news stories usually: get the facts straight.  I prefer to get my news: through a combination of text and images Generally, I think the government: should do as little possible to restrict what the news media publish The president is assassinated. I would: turn on the TV, then leave it on constantly to […]