Student Journalists’ News Attitude Survey

Posted on September 13, 2011


  1.  I think news stories usually: get the facts straight.
  2.  I prefer to get my news: through a combination of text and images
  3. Generally, I think the government: should do as little possible to restrict what the news media publish
  4. The president is assassinated. I would: turn on the TV, then leave it on constantly to monitor  the situation as intensely as possible.
  5. I consider all of the ones listed as journalists. Even though I dislike both Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, they are “journalists” nonetheless. No one said they had to be good.
  6. In general, the news is biased in favor of: both Conservatives and Liberals. I think it immensely depends on what you watch…I want my Fox News, please! Just kidding.
  7. If you heard conflicting versions of a news story, which version would you most likely believe?…An independent Web site.
  8. I describe most news today as: useful, entertaining, sensationalized.
  9. I watch TV  news daily.
  10. I generally read newspapers several times a week.
  11. I generally read news online daily.
  12. A news reporting career seems like it would be fun, frustrating, frightening, and important.

Confidential sources –> It would depend on the circumstances.


For the most part, I shared similar attitudes with the other students who previously took this survey. For example, I, like 70 percent students get our news through both text and visuals. It seems like most journalism students find the news as an unbiased, truthful, and well diversified media outlet. However, I did find differences between a couple of the questions that other students also answered. When the question of who do you consider to be journalists, I answered almost all. I know that although many of these public figures have radio and television shows, they all reveal some type of current news and do a good amount of share on researching it. Most students did not consider Jon Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Woodward, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’Reilly journalists. To leave on a good note, I feel proud to say that I watch TV News and read newspapers more often than most students. Yay me!

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