Top News #2: Barack Obama, Saving One Mailman at a Time

Posted on September 19, 2011


With all of the commotion regarding the unemployment issue in the United States, Barack Obama has one other issue- saving the US Postal Service from extinction. Nowadays, most people communicate through paperless forms like email, cell phone, and Facebook. With such vast options, the traditional stamp and envelope service may face losing workers at an already deteriorating unemployment rate. On, the article then explains that instead of laying off 120,000 workers, the US postal service will be permitted to “raid $7 billion from an overfunded pension account […] end Saturday mail delivery and raise prices by 2 cents.” The news value of prominence are two well known subjects: The US President, Barack Obama and one of the most long running services: The US Postal Service. Almost everyone in America will be impacted because there are probably more Americans who have mailboxes than Americans who have cellphones. The US Postal Service has been running since 1775 and for it to last this long is a miracle. Whether or not it is a good idea for it to stay, is something many will debate upon. For now, it may just be about not having thousands of others lose their jobs.

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