Individual Final Project Plan: Vietnamese Coffee Shops

Posted on November 7, 2011


Story Idea: There are over twenty Vietnamese Coffee shops in San Jose that have waitresses either wearing scantily clad lingerie or nothing at all. The problem is- they are not only open to the public, but many have been linked to gang-related activities, illegal gambling, and public nudity  in California.

Questions Readers Will Ask

1) Why Should I Care?

how answered: headline

2) Who are in charge of these businesses and who are working in these coffee shops?

how answered: photo

3) How do Residents Feel About these coffee shops in their community?

how answered: sidebar–map, website links, reviews

4) What are police and city officials doing to prevent illegal activities stemming from these businesses?

how answered: text


lead art: waitresses and their customers; sometimes they are dancing in these cafes

secondary art: the front of these cafes- many of them look like normal coffee shops form the outside


Main Headline: How Nude Vietnamese Cafes Get Away With Selling Food and Sex

Deck: Many San Jose Vietnamese coffee shops run their businesses like it’s a strip club; only difference is-it’s open to the public and many residents are not liking it.

Rough Layout


Lead Art


[Text]                                                                                                                                                             [sidebars]




[secondary art]

etc…. additional text, website links to other websites, [dis]honorable mentions of coffee shops nearby, tidbits of waitresses [no pun intended] (ex. quotes or descriptions about them and why they work there….)

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